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FIDDLE-FADDLE! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fake boobs and Rollerblades

(no subject) [5th Jun 2015|06:56 am]
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[Current Music |SHINee - Stand By Me]


Maaaaan he's on FIRE!

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Trouble, trouble, trouble. [20th May 2013|03:53 am]

It's weird how we never noticed each other and couldn't care less.
It's weird how you slowly started appearing but I thought you were a mess.
It's weird how we kept crossing paths but never spoke to each other.
It's weird how we suddenly took notice of each other but were too shy to say Hi.
It's weird how we became from strangers to friends in the blink of an eye.
It's weird how you suddenly gave me the impression that you wanted to be mine.
It's weird how you quickly made me think that it was all in my mind.
It's weird how despite all these I think you're fine.
It's weird how someone who once meant nothing, now affects me all the time.
All I want now is for you to give me a sign.
Perhaps you have but I was just too blind.

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